Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS) is India’s leading innovation consulting practice which helps organizations systematically develop context specific products, services, and system based on an understanding of user needs and behavior. CKS’ structured approach to user-centered innovation has helped corporate’s, nonprofits and governing organizations in emerging economies all over the world. CKS’ cross-sectoral working expertise spans across healthcare, financial products and services, education, IT and telecom, consumer durable, and agriculture.

In partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Government of Bihar, CKS has launched the Bihar Innovation Lab in 2014 which aims to apply a user-centered approach to the design of public health service delivery in order to address the critical public health challenges of Bihar. CKS is also currently running the READ Alliance, a project funded by USAID, which focuses on the development and promotion of reading skills amongst primary school age children using mobile technologies.

CKS is in the process of transitioning into the Vihara Innovation Network. While the nature of the work described above remains the same, we are exploring new areas of work in public sector innovation as well as impact incubation and investments. Please find below current job openings.

Current Job Opportunities:


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