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Building Ecologies for Business Innovation

When we think about innovation in emerging economies, one paradigm shift that we are beginning to see is a move from companies showing up and wanting to sell their products, to companies rolling up their sleeves and starting to think about offering integrated solutions. This appears to be a response to both the need and the opportunity presented by emerging economies which have large untapped markets but also fractured and fragmentary infrastructure and incomplete ecologies in every industry vertical. What this means is that companies can and must forward integrate and offer not only a product but also a suite of services and solutions that can enable the product to actually be taken up. In May 2013, we conducted an innovation workshop for a global cements, concrete and aggregates manufacturer, looking at how they could transform their products to solutions. Download the outbrief here.


Imagining Urban India 2025

Imagining Urban India 2025 was a  two-day futures workshop held in partnership with Tata  Pune on the 16th and 17th of March 2012. The workshop brought together experts from different fields such as (i) Information and Communication Technologies (ii) Alternate Energy and (ii) Urban Lives and Style  share knowledge and help envision the future.  The workshop comprised of structured activities, including interactive sessions, brainstorming exercises, discussions, presentations, breakout sessions as well as prioritisation and selection exercises. Over the two days participants development total transportation concepts based on imagined scenarios of the future of the urban India.

Download an outbrief of the workshop here.