Product Designer (Consultant)

The Vihara Innovation Network (Vihara) is dedicated to bringing an innovation labs approach to public, social and civic challenges, and supporting entrepreneurship through impact incubation and investments. Vihara draws from over 12 years of innovation consulting experience in and for emerging economy environments. It’s methodologies are rooted in user-centered research and design, product development, innovation strategy, and training. Since 2002, Vihara has has worked on a variety of development challenges in public health, financial services, agriculture, mobile telecommunications and migration. It has worked closely with Indian and global private, public and social sector organizations including, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, DFAT Australia, UNDP Global Pulse, Nokia, Vodafone and Humanity United, amongst many others.


Supported by an international development focussed foundation, Vihara has undertaken a two year long user centered design led program that aims to redress under five mortality in Bihar. Through the lens of vulnerability, the program will aim unpack the risk factors that make young children in Bihar vulnerable to morbidity and mortality, design new mechanisms for screening and tracking these children, and design innovation packages to redress their vulnerability, restore health and ultimately save their lives.

Vihara is looking for highly skilled and passionate design professionals, who have experience in cross disciplinary design and is interested in applying it towards public health challenges and social change. The current project is in its solutioneering phase therefore, the role of the Product Designer will be to lead rapid iterative prototyping, testing and product development for the team. We’re looking for someone who has a good understanding of Design Ethnography, Design Research, Ergonomics, Design Process, Technology, Materials and Manufacturing Methods to develop products within constraints.


Designation: Product Designer

Location: Delhi

Experience: 1+ years; Rapid Prototyping, 3D Modelling, Low Cost Fabrication and Field Testing is critical

Duration of Consultancy: 1st March to 30th April 2018

Educational Qualifications: Bachelors or Masters Degree in Product Design / Industrial Design/ Accessory Design


Required Skills & Experience

  • Experience in all aspects of the Product Development Cycle including – product conceptualization by sketching, illustration and 3D modeling, knowledge of prototyping and manufacturing processes. Your portfolio should highlight projects that exhibit a detailed Design Process – conducting user studies and research, developing a design brief, iterations and concept development, prototyping, model-making, and, testing. Experience in designing for and implementing health services for low resource settings is ideal.
  • Experience in working with different materials and an understanding of production techniques and costs to determine manufacturing requirements.
  • Software and Technical Skills – Advanced 3D Modeling and Visualization experience using CAD, AliasStudio or Rhino3D; Experience with creating models for 3D Printing; Advanced experience using Adobe Creative Suite.

  • Innovative Problem-solving skills and ability to identify complex design problems such as the need, and cost of a product, anticipate production issues, develop alternatives, evaluate options, and implement solutions.
  • Ability to synthesise data from multiple-perspectives, interpret it in new, relevant and actionable ways, and identify patterns to drive creative direction and opportunity and solution development
  • An ability to learn from and collaborate with professionals and experts from different backgrounds to drive solutioneering
  • Superior written and verbal communication, in order to clearly articulate analysis, design directions and decisions for quality documentation and reports
  • Strong planning and time management skills for effective task management and the ability to handle crisis situations appropriately
  • Commitment to using creative expertise for development and social change


Key Job Responsibilities

  • Drive a structured human centered design process in collaboration with the team,
    to develop product solutions according to the field insights.
  • Build models and prototypes, testing it on the field to further reform the product solutions.
  • Evaluate product safety, appearance, and function to determine if a design is practical.
  • Work closely with relevant team members on creatively packaging design work and learnings into narrative documents, reports, presentations, process notes and blogs
  • Support the research teams and consultants with the evaluation design process for each solution.
  • Analyse field testing data and build a strong argument case for the implementation of the most promising solutions
  • Envision the path to piloting and implementation process for each solution.



  • Experience in designing and conducting ethnographic research and design research in rural health contexts
  • Prior experience of working in Public Health, Medical Innovation, WaSH and Gender
  • Experience and comfort in working in low resource and rural environments
  • Keen visual design sense


Interested candidates can email their resume, writing samples, and / or portfolios to HR Manager at



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